Tuesday, April 15, 2014


                             METALSTEEL  -  THIS IS YOURREVELATION
  Truly Metalsteel's new and fifth album ''This is your Revelation''( released on  7th March 2014 via On Parole Productions) as well as the old ones combine many musical elements that this Slovenian band cannot be enlisted in a specific music genre . However music is not a list and musicians who can add their personal stigma , especially nowadays, are these who break the walls of fan's , nerd's maybe  genremania . So Metalsteel are identical  alterating from a personal heavy metal sound to a melodic one  ( sometimes both elements are present). 
    ''This is your Revelation'' begins with a headbanging way combining  heavy breakdown riffs , perfect rythmical riffs and a powerful agrressive vocal theme. This of course is faithfully followed on every heavy/aggresive/rythmical part of the album .
  Technical parts are perfectly equalized without being tedious or charging the listener's ears . Generally their  mucial approach , as I've already said , is very qualitative!
   Moreover as far the lyrical part is concerned Metalsteel bring an agrresive , sometimes calm and vivid tone . Furthermore the lyrics are very solid , strong  , sometimes nostalgic and emotional which is bringing out a very keen emotional burst cooperating with their music ( This is your Revelation , Call off War , Long time ago are some good examples. ).
   To sum up , truly a qualitative job from Metalsteel with perfect headbanging music and rythm but also a keen lyrical sense and meaning ! ''This is your revelation'' is defenitaly a good purchase and a worth-time-listening album . Personally except from their studio projects I would be very happy to see them live !
       - Philip K. Amon .
Metalsteel are :
Beni Kic - vocals, guitar
Rock Tomšič - guitar
Matej Sušnik - bass
Daša Trampuš - drums
Metalsteel - New Way Of Thinking ( lyric video) ( AWESOME )

This is your Revelation ( youtube )

Also Check their whole Discography:
2003 - Usoda
2007 - Bad In Bed
2010 - Entertainment
2011 - Steel Alive (live)
2014 - This Is Your Revelation
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Saturday, April 12, 2014


     It's brand new and it's here to sow the bane of a crushing/blackened/melodic  sound that can easily stigmatize this fresh band. This whole introduction is of course reffered to a new dynamic band fromGreece which bears the name ''Enocian Cross'' and their new single/video clip ''Forest of Afterlife''.
''Forest of Afterlife'' is really one of the most represenative single  of what I call devastating melodic atmospheric but still heavy genre.
     From the very beginning of the song it becomes sensate to the ear this melodic and harmonic sound which later on becomes twisted and numinous in combination with the heavy/powerful riffs as well as the strong and  steady lead vocals .
   But Enochian Cross do not stick only with a melodic
composition with elements of a blackened heavy sound . The powerful black infernal element is also perfectly presented on this single with a multiple alteration not only from melodic to heavy sound but also with the alteration from slow tempos and breakdowns to faster overwhelming riffs .
   All instruments cooperated perfectly to give birth on a perfectly pattern-combined composition , both guitars and bass produce brutal  and melodious sound as well as the lead guitar solo is greatly attuned to the whole theme . The keayboard composition is also very intresting enriching the whole song with an amazing base-melody and equalizing /lifting off breakdown parts to an endless headbanging nightmare ! The drumming session is as heavy as it needs imparting into the whole composition a bellicose tone . Last but not least , the vocal part  who seems to be very well intonated and vivid! Really a special/distinctive/outstanding voice colour !
  I would strongly recommend spending time on listening to Enochian Cross and their new single/video clip ''Forest of Afterlife'' !

    Recorded, mixed & mastered at Made in Hell Stuidios by David Prudent.

   Cliped and Directed at Underground Studios by Ioannis Psuxos .



Thursday, March 20, 2014

Immoral Hazard - Convulsion

Immoral Hazard is a greek band from Thessaloniki formed back in 2009 . Immoral Hazard has recently published a fresh  album ''Convulsion'' and hell yeah this one is powerful and emotianlly bursting !
   But let's begin from the basics , in general Immoral Hazard are calssified in the heavy sound , however the combination of multi-sound influences creates a great harmonized heavy whole composition and this can be prooved throughout their new album ''Convulsion'' . Combination of fast , melodic , outrageous and devastating riffs almost everywhere in this album  create perfect conditions for a dynamic trip into the sound and music which overflows with multi-emotions !
   All intrumental parts are just  perfectly equalized , solos with no excesses  greatly inflitrated on all compositions , (also a damn brutal breakdown on ''Alcowhore''). Furthermore as far as the vocal part is concerned three words : Distinctive , Outstanding , Enrgetic.
  Last but not least , what can I say for their slow-tempo emotinal melodic tracks ... excellent work and yes this album contains good quality heavy music from all aspects.
 Defently this album would not be a wothless purchase ... ! And guys ( Immoral Hazard) : απλά γάμησε ...
 Immoral Hazard are : Teo Matzaridis (vocals, guitars), Angelos Panos (guitars), Tolis Giannoulis (drums) and Alex Terelidis (bass).


 Album Credits:

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Stelios "Stelth" Koslidis
Drums recorded by Michalis Gougolis at Stone House Studios
Produced by Stelios "Stelth" Koslidis & Immoral Hazard ,Artwork & Layout by  Peter Takacs

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Timo Tolkki’s Avalon reveals the new album's title and full cast

The anticipated sophomore release from Timo Tolkki's Avalon will be entitled "Angels Of The Apocalypse" and is slated for a May release through Frontiers Records.

 The singers that will appear on the album are: Floor Jansen (new Nightwish singer), Simone Simons (of Epica), Fabio Lione (of Rhapsody Of Fire), David DeFeis (of Virgin Steele), Elize Ryd (of Amaranthe) and Caterina Nix (who will release her debut album produced by Tolkki, later this year).

 Other musicians which will appear on the album include two other former members of Stratovarius: Tuomo Lassila (Stratovarius' founder) on drums and Antti Ikonen, the original keyboard player of Stratovarius.

Timo Tolkki also announces a contest for guitar and keyboard players. Now you have the chance to play a solo with Timo Tolkki in one song of the album. Please send one MP3 that contains your solo playing to this email address: solos@tolkki.org
 The winner will receive a backing track and will play his/her solos to this. The MP3's for the contest has to be sent NOT LATER than 16th of February. 

Armaeddon Rev.16:16 inks a deal with Pitch Black Records - releases "Sundown on Humanity" album

Ptch Black Records is extremely proud and honoured to announce the addition of Armaeddon Rev.16:16 to its artist roster and the release of their album, "Sundown on Humanity", on March 11th, 2014.

 Armaeddon Rev.16:16 (aka ARMAGEDDON) is the longest living and most respected Cypriot metal band. The scene veterans were formed in 1985 and have kept active since then, mainly with their continuous live presence as well as their demo and EP releases. Of course their renowned 1993 s/t 12” EP needs no introduction as it is now considered a truly hard-to-find, major collector’s item internationally.

 "Sundown on Humanity" is actually the band’s first full length album after all these years, making this album an even more highly anticipated release! The band’s style remains true to its original beginnings of melodic classic heavy metal with some power and progressive elements fused in their style.

 The album line up sees original members Jimmy Mavrommatis on vocals, Kikis A. Apostolou on lead guitar and Elias A. Andreou on rhythm guitars joined by accomplished musicians Nikolas Papaeftychiou on bass and Kerry Elgar on drums (replaced recently by Evangelos Varnava).

 "Sundown on Humanity" includes guest appearances by Bob Katsionis (FIREWIND) on keyboards and guitar, Nicholas Leptos (ARRAYAN PATH, WARLORD), Tasos Karonias (R.U.S.T.) and Andreas Paraschos (BLYND) on vocals. Bob Katsionis also mixed and mastered the album at his own Sound Symmetry Studio in Athens, Greece.

Featuring 12 tracks, "Sundown on Humanity" clocks in at just over 58 minutes! Special mention should be made to the closing track of the album, "Icy Blackness (Kursk)", a tribute to the crew of the Russian submarine “Kursk” that perished in the summer of 2000. This song includes yet another guest appearance, that of Petros Leptos (SOLITARY SABRED), who lends his voice to create a haunting spoken intro.

The full track listing is as follows:

  1. E.K. 40 (Intro)
  2. Human Sundown
  3. Shades of Tomorrow
  4. Strange Dreams
  5. Fallen Angels and Lost Souls
  6. Hypocrites of Destruction
  7. New Day Will Come
  8. 13-Seventh Eleven
  9. Why
  10. Heavy Metal
  11. United
  12. Icy Blackness (Kursk)

The album will be available worldwide on CD and digital through Pitch Black Records and its distribution partners. A song taken off the album is now available for free download and streaming at 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chastain - "Surrender To No One" (Official Video)

Leviathan Records Worldwide has just released the first official video off the Chastain CD "Surrender To No One." Guitarist David T. Chastain states, "We wanted to get something official up there as soon as possible so we arranged for a lyric video of 'Rise Up.' I think it turned out pretty damn good all things considered. There are already quite a few fan videos out there for the new CD. Some more elaborate than others. We hope to have performance videos for a few of the tracks in the not too distant future. However with members living all over the world it is going to take some 'studio trickery' to pull it off. However we have done something similar in the past so it is just a matter of time."

To check out the video go to at this location

Monday, December 23, 2013

Fates Warning - "Firefly" (Official Video)

Progressive Metal masters Fates Warning have posted the official their new track "Firefly" (available at this location. The clip was directed David Solbjørg and Kjetil Kolbjørnsrud of Twitchyfilms .The band's vocalist Ray Alder has checked in to comment about the song "Firefly" as follows:"I've always liked the romantic concept of the firefly. A tiny flashing creature searching for another on a warm summer night. Like stars that move..." ,The song is taken from the band's new album "Darkness In A Different Light" which was released September 30th, 2013 in Europe and October 1st, 2013 in North America via InsideOutMusic.

The album was produced by Matheos and mixed by long time band's engineer Phil Magnotti, while mastering was handled by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, California.
The (above pictured) artwork for the album was designed by Conte di San Pietro.

  1. One Thousand
  2. Firefly
  3. Desire
  4. Falling
  5. I Am
  6. Lighthouse
  7. Into the Black
  8. Kneel and Obey
  9. O Chloroform
  10. And yet It Moves

Homicide Hagridden and Thermit announces winter tour

Mad thrashers Homicide Hagridden (Italy) and Thermit (Poland) are pleased to announce their upcoming Winter Tour.
Teaming up for a cross cultural meeting of thrash proportions, these 2 up and coming european acts; Homicide Hagridden, and Thermit, are pleased to announce their upcoming European tour which will see them play across eastern and western europe in 18 different shows.

The details :

Terror Empire announces new drummer


Portuguese thrashers Terror Empire are very proud to announce João Dourado as the new drummer for the band. João has played for bands such as Antichthon and Existence:Vøid, both from Coimbra (Portugal). He’s also become a record producer, having been responsible for the tight sound displayed on Destroyer of All’s “Into the Fire”. Terror Empire has been rehearsing and creating new songs since late October, and the chemistry is great. The new album will surely feature Dourado’s blast-beats, that’s for sure.
“When the band invited me to fill in for two gigs, it was easy enough to become a member of the family. When you start playing this fast pacing brutality, you kind of want to stick around. Once the Terror grows on you, and you cannot leave the Empire anymore. I believe I can help Terror Empire reach the next level, and release a killer sophomore record… new seeds grow on Terror Empire, the new album is gonna be killer! Hope the fans will provide me the support we all need and show up at our next gigs. May we spread the Terror and share our hopes and dreams through music.” - João Dourado
The band will be playing some of the new tunes on the next shows. These shall be the last of the Face the Tour run, there won’t be live terror until the new album’s release, in early 2014.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Månegarm - "Sons Of War" (Official Video)

Swedish viking/folk metallers Månegarm have posted the Official video for the song "Sons Of War" (available below).The song is taken from the band's NEW album "Legions of the North" which was via Napalm Records ,the following dates:

Release Dates:
26.06.2013 ESP/SWE/NO
28.06.2013 G/A/S, FIN & Benelux
01.07.2013 Rest of Europe
09.07.2013 USA/CAN

Markus André (Månegarm ): "After nearly 20 years of Rock n’ roll and seven released albums; Månegarm are back with their brand new effort - Legions of the North. Legions of the North is an album full of hard hitting melodies and ear catching refrains, all spiced with the special Månegarm flavor and served to you all in the best way. We’re very proud to present this new album and we really hope that you will enjoy it. The Wolf is back…Prepare for war!!"

According to Napalm Records:"The time has come to pick up the shields and sharpen the swords -- the legions of the North have set sail to conquer! With their seventh album "Legions of the North", the Swedes Månegarm deliver a true masterpiece into the living room of Viking/Pagan Metal fans. Hymn-like melodies, folk instruments and raging Black Metal parts turn songs like "Hordes of Hel" or "Sons of War" into breathtaking monuments of heathen musical art. Acoustic guitars, choirs and the violin lend a hymnic-melancholic quality to the songs. Both in their native tongue Swedish and in English, Månegarm offers a unique atmosphere that takes the listener into the majestic wilderness of Sweden or on the deck of a Viking ship, crossing the rough Sea. "Legions of the North" is a true and authentic album that will also take fans outside of the Viking genre by storm."

  1. Arise
  2. Legions of the North
  3. Eternity awaits
  4. Helvegr
  5. Hordes of Hel
  6. Tor hjälpe
  7. Wake the gods - Bonus Track Limited Edition
  8. Vigverk
  9. Sons of War
  10. Echoes from the past
  11. Fallen
  12. Forged in fire
  13. Raadh